Volhard is a high-end fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2018 dedicated to inspiring through clothing. The word Volhard originates from the Dutch and Afrikaans word for “perseverance”. As a brand, we’ve given our own meaning to the word through an acronym standing for "Victors Of Life’s Hardships And Righteous Deviants."

Volhard combines fashion and storytelling to amplify the voices of victors from the past in order to inspire the next generation. 

Pieces are designed and constructed in the USA with quality in mind. Each collection will represent the unity of modern streetwear and a story of perseverance throughout our world's history. These cultural expressions are ultimately meant to inspire and bring people together.

As a brand, we represent sharp strength, fearless edginess, and stylish elegance. Volhard aims to push its way to the forefront of progressive luxury streetwear.